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Financial Principles for Non-Financial Roles

Case Study Summary

This three-day (or six-half-day) workshop on Financial Principles for Non-Financial Roles is another of my ready-to-go seminars. As well as covering the "Five Principles" in WYBNYTK, this course includes a lot more. In this course, we examine how to run a business through simulations. We compile and analyze financial accounting and managerial accounting data, and develop plans and budgets that drive strategic key performance indicators. The program covers all aspects of financial fundamentals for every leader.

The Solution

More than a finance program, learners will learn how costs and revenue are generated. Additionally, they will learn how to allocate resources efficiently to achieve organizational goals. The program emphasizes real-world applications, decision-making, and career success. This seminar includes customizable financial case studies, the Celemi Apples & Oranges simulation, the Celemi Profit Simulator, and a highly engaging case study on planning and budgeting. 


Live online or in person, the program is highly interactive, with some independent learning between sessions. To enhance and extend each participant's learning experience, I use Knowly™, the online learning journey application.

The Results

The CEO of an auto parts fulfillment technology company said, “Terrific course . . . I am going to insist that the rest of my leadership team and other managers attend this course.” I am so proud of the types of ideas and applications participants share. Their learning inspired them to:

  • Improve [financial] information for an upcoming [new business] opportunity. These sessions are helping me to be prepared if the request is approved.

  • Share their personal growth journey, “I was nervous to take this class, but it was taught in a way that did not make me feel stupid in anyway but encouraged me to learn and know I was no different than anyone else in class.”

  • Assess key talent’s skill in business decisions, predicting their potential downstream impact, and setting priorities.

  • Meet with my team to analyze our quarterly results and discuss the bigger picture

  • List several “get going now” tasks: Meet with boss on financial information, improve their budgeting processes, participate in monthly cost reviews, complete cost/benefit analysis, review real-time financial information to take steps to improve things, and much more!

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