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My Focus is on Performance

I focus on the learning and performance needs of my clients. When my clients achieve their results, it's pretty exciting. Many of my clients have been clients for a long time, on several projects. It's that repeat business that's a true testament to what we've accomplished together.

My Ready-Now Tools

I have lots of available program material, content, and learning journeys that I adapt and revise to reach my clients' learning and business goals.  I've posted a few examples here.


The 3rd party learning tools I use are innovative and effective for clients around the world (in many languages). They create competence and confidence on the part of all who experience them. 


Celemi builds exercises that help your employees see how everything fits together, either as a part of your corporate training program or as a stand-alone workplace learning session. We work across various industries, management levels, and business issues.  Greatest hits:  Celemi Tango™ Success through People, and Celemi Apples & Oranges™ Business Finance for Everyone.

Cesim Business Simulations
More than 500,000 people from various cultures and backgrounds around the world have used Cesim Business Simulation Games to increase collaboration and knowledge retention among colleagues. Greatest hits:  Cesim Firm™ and Cesim Global Challenge™

Knowly lets you create modern training programs that seamlessly connect classroom sessions with digital learning on the job. With Knowly, course participants get a push to engage with the training program just when they need it, in the channel that suits them best. Greatest hit:  Freddie the Coach.

10,000 Feet 
10,000 Feet creates high-impact simulations and organizational learning tools that achieve powerful results through uniquely innovative learning designs to help people rise out of the immediacy of the day-to-day to a broader and more strategic viewpoint.  Perspective changes everything.  Greatest hits:  Interplay™ and Decision Mojo™

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"You cannot just absorb other peoples' knowledge, you have to create your own."  
Klas Mellander

My Professional Profile

Most of my clients blend simulation learning tools into learning journeys. I have integrated simulations into executive development, management training, project manager training, customer service initiatives, and continuous improvement/quality programs.

I've earned the Certified Performance Technologist credential.  A Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) is a performance-based certification for professionals whose work exemplifies ISPI's 10 standards. CPTs submit attestations along with information about their work to peer review. More than 1200 people from 30 countries have achieved the CPT.

I've been at this a while.  Over my career, I've collaborated with leaders and executives in L&D, operations, marketing, sales, strategy, finance, business development, R&D, and more.  My clients are from finance, agriculture, insurance, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, construction, energy, and non-profit industries.


I hold BA and MA degrees and have served on the faculty of the Drake University School of Education. I have also taught in the Tippie Executive MBA Program at the University of Iowa, a Top 30 business school. I'm an active alumnus of Leadership Iowa. I am an active volunteer in two professional societies: The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Dan Topf, owner of Topf Businss Learning
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