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Focus on Essential Priorities, Consistently, for Greater Impact

3 Principles for Greater Training Impact

"To me, business isn't about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials." - Richard Branson

Recently, a colleague asked me why I go to so much trouble in preparing my presentations, seminars, simulations, and workshops. He seemed puzzled. Truly puzzled. I told him that as a professional, and as a CPT, I am obligated to create value in everything that I do. So, to me, it's not an option to put effort into my preparations. It's how its done.

He then asked me, "What principles do you use to guide your preparation?" I told him that there are essentially three that sum it all up for me. They are:

  1. Engage your stakeholders beforehand. This includes your sponsors, learners, and instructors.

  2. Get your learners engaged in meaningful, problem-based learning experiences that work

  3. Guide your learners' direct application of their learning toward real-world application. Use planning, incentives, and accountability.

It's these three principles that are at the heart of what I do and the value I bring. Often, a client may only consider #2 above. So, I will ask about #1 and #3. Other times, a sponsor will advocate for #3, without working on #1 or #2. Still others will assess and survey, completing #1, without really thinking further about #2 or #3. You get the idea.

I suppose this makes me different from many professionals you may partner with in delivering learning and performance improvement programs. That's probably a good thing. Even though I use standard tools (Celemi, Ten Thousand Feet) or custom tools (Tycoon Systems), I work to cover all three principles in every delivery. All three principles are essential in delivering quality, value, and results.


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