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Sales Organization Agent Academy

Case Study Summary

The development of high-performing and experienced sellers is a strategic imperative for a regional insurance company. Instead of being individual salespeople, these highly effective individuals aspire to be agencies or small businesses. Support, mentoring, and skill-building are necessary to achieve this shift in mindset.

The Solution

I collaborated with the sales education team at headquarters to integrate a custom-tailored Interplay™ simulation from Ten Thousand Feet, LLC.  In this simulation, specific agency-related programs, initiatives, and market drivers were included to provide an engaging hands-on learning experience for this very experienced audience. During the seminar, they learned about the "business mindset of an agency" which helped them frame how they'd transition and grow their real-world business.

The Results

The program received rave reviews. Attendees completed personal learning journals and action plans, and they each have concrete follow up conversations and business plans in place.


The program sponsor said this:


“Amazing feedback from the group today, Dan! They spent so much time last night discussing and reflecting. This morning’s debrief was phenomenal!  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the work you’ve done on this!”

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