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Build Ready-Now Leaders
ho Get the Big Picture
(Without Boring Them to Death)

Real-world. Ready-now. Hands-on.

I Build Business Leaders

Not enough business leaders understand the bigger picture. That's where I come in. I work in the space between leadership skills and business results. Leaders at all levels (and that includes individual contributors!) who know their Key Performance Indicators, how everyone works together, and how their decisions impact the business do better. This is Business Learning.

As a result of my experience and real-world project success, I can bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Through instructional design, simulations, and real-world practice, I help learners become more confident, competent, and energized.

Now let's get started! We are going to have a blast.

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Dan Topf, CPT

Seminars & Services

I value working with great clients, learning experts, and content providers. I specialize in tailoring things to achieve your goals, and in integrating evidence-informed strategies to get the best results.

Business Simulations

Finance Seminars

Leadership Development


Clients Have Said...

"Amazing feedback from the group today, Dan! They spent so much time last night discussing and reflecting. This morning's debrief was phenomenal! Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the work you’ve done on this!"

Head of Agent Training, Regional Recruiter

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My Approach is Different

My seminars, learning programs, and training workshops are engaging, relevant, and memorable. There's less talking and more doing.


Even though we may use ready-now content, each solution is unique to your needs. I may blend in business simulations for real-world practice. I may engage learners in your financial reports, metrics, and models. I may help everyone understand the basics of business finance in general, and your financial reports in particular. Or, perhaps we may agree to do a blend of all three.

Does this approach work?
Yes. Read the testimonials from my clients.

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